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Welcome to Criminallaw.sg. If you are looking for help, you have come to the right place. This site is dedicated to issues in criminal law in Singapore, with brief write outs on various common offences and their respective prevailing sentencing, as well as the procedure of the criminal process in Singapore. The site is managed by a Singapore law firm. Our lawyers have 24 years of experience in Court work.

The common offences can be categorized into the following :

  1. Offence against Person (eg from simple crimes such as assault, hurt, maid abuse to murder)
  2. Offence against property (eg simple theft, shoplifting, extortion, robbery, trespass, cheating, criminal breach of trust, criminal misappropriation of property, receiving stolen property)
  3. Sexual Offences (eg molest, unnatural sex, rape, sodomy, outrage of decency, incest)
  4. Drug Offences (consumption, trafficking) (Investigating agency - CNB "Central Narcotics Bureau" )
  5. White Collar Crimes under Prevention of Corruption Act, Companies Act, Securities & Futures Act. (Investigating Agency - CAD "Commercial Affairs Department" or CPIB)
  6. Traffic Offences (eg hit and run, driving whilst disqualification, drunken driving, careless driving, causing death by rash or negligent act (under Penal code instead of RTA) )
  7. Immigration Offences (most common would be under s57- harbouring or employment of illegal immigrants)
  8. Offences under other Statutes (eg URA Act, Women's Charter, Income Tax Act, Factories Act, HDB Act, Hotel Licencing Act, Trademarks Act, Copyright Act, Companies Act)
  9. Offence against Public Tranquility & Public Justice (eg unlawful assembly, rioting, giving false evidence, false information to public servants)

The common questions:

  1. What should you do when you receive a call from the police to assist in criminal investigations, or when you are wrongfully accused of committing a criminal offence?
  2. What are your rights when charged in Court ?
  3. Should you claim trial or take a plea in Court 26 or 23 as the case may be.
  4. What is the appropriate bail amount to expect
  5. and factors to consider for requesting Court for reduction?
  6. The time frame from commencement of investigation to first mention in Court 26 or 23 till Pre-Trial Confernce, till trial.
  7. Police powers and procedure in arrest and statement recording
  8. Collation of evidence for the defence
  9. Engagement of expert witnesses for defence.
  10. Prevailing sentence for the relevant offence.
  11. How to plea bargain with prosecution?
  12. What are the mitigating factors that carry weight and the aggravating ones?
  13. Was the conviction wrong in law and on the facts ? (for appeal cases)
  14. Was the sentence manifestly excessive ?(for appeal cases)
  15. Do you wish to prosecute someone whom you have reasons to believe have committed an offence and evidence to do so, but the police does not wish to take up the matter for various reasons ?
It is always in the Accused's interest to engage a counsel early, as the case may proceed for hearing within a few months or even a few weeks (where foeign witnesses are involved) as the case may be. Early and adequate preparation are absolutely necessary as life and liberty are at stake.

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